A Private Equity Firm


As demand continues to grow for alternative investments in the private equity space, Diaz Acquisitions has emerged to provide investors with new opportunities to generate higher returns.

Diaz Acquisitions helps investors and entrepreneurs acquire digital assets by utilizing traditional private equity strategies in the new age of digital asset investments.

Investment focus is on successful small to medium size Internet based companies with growth potential.

Focused on Underserved Markets

Scalable Developed Business Models

Ecommerce, SaaS, Amazon, and Content Based Businesses

Sell Your Online Business

If you are interested in selling your online business, or take on an investing partner, you are at the right place.  We are looking to parter with like minded individuals that own strong internet based businesses.

If you’re looking to fully cash out, we can offer a very competitive valuation.

If you still want to keep building your business for an even greater outcome down the road, we can offer partial liquidity now and/or a chance to partner with some of our other digital assets.

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